How It Works

The National Gallery of Redistricting Art™ - a successor to the PennUltimate Run - exhibits artistic interpretations of federal and state electoral districts approved by redistricting bodies per the 2010 U.S. census and in effect, subject to court action (and to other feats), until nationwide redistricting next occurs after the 2020 census...
The curated works of art below include those that Gallery staff invite you to discover or create and submit for display here -- subject to approval by the Independent Redistricting Art Commission. Anonymous submissions, multiple interpretations of the same district, and suggested titles are welcome. The Gallery, Commission, and pjmathison disclaim all warranties as to the accuracy, meaning, or feng shui of such information or images.

An entrance fee to the Gallery may be adopted. Meantime, yes you can support the Gallery. Funds are used to offset Gallery costs and for redistricting education purposes. The Gallery is NOT a 501(c)3 or other nonprofit -- it is a professional activity of the firm pjmathison, which endorses Fair Districts PA.
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GUIDE: The below works of art are exhibited in alphabetical order by state. Atop each work is the state abbreviation, district number(s), and a title. "US" denotes a federal (congressional) district; all others are state legislative districts. Beneath each work is the artist's name and/or source of the work. Some works are more fragile than they appear. Sorry, no bathrooms.

US AL-6: Deux Telescopes
Deux Telescopes
Anonyme (Anonymous)

US AZ-2: Rorschach Study
Rorschach Study
W. Hickey,

US FL-5: What the Fuh...lorida?
What the Fuh...lorida?
G. Wexler,

FL-Senate-14: Praying Chef
Praying Chef
Disciple of M. Caputo (Politico) and M.E. Klas (Miami Herald)

GA-House-84: Weed Whacker
Weed Whacker
(An acolyte of) A. Blake,

Your Artwork Here
Your Artwork Here
Artist's Name / Source

US IL-4: Earmuffs
Suntimes, et al.

US IL-7: Beavis Diptych
Beavis Diptych

US LA-2: Ruptured Skateboard
Ruptured Skateboard
L. McGaughy, The Times-Picayune

US LA-6: Witch Being...CENSORED
Witch Being...CENSORED
J. Stewart, TheDailyShow

US MD-3: Pterodactyl
Pterodactyl, et al.

US MD-5: Ursula from "The Little Mermaid"
M. Ellentuck and J. Eisenberg,

US MI-4: Frankenstein
M. Thompson, Detroit Free Press

US MI-13+14: American Dada
American Dada
J. Yang,

MS-Senate-38: Ode to Donald
Ode to Donald
J. Collins,

US NC-4: The Hanging Claw
The Hanging Claw
S. Toeplitz,

Your Artwork Here
Your Artwork Here
Artist's Name / Source

US NC-12: Alien Spawn
Alien Spawn, et al.

NC-Senate-21: Hermit Crab
Hermit Crab
Follower of

NC-Senate-28+32: SCOTUS Smackdown (Pastel)
SCOTUS Smackdown (Pastel)
J. Green,

NC-Senate-37: Camelus Dramedarius
Camelus Dramedarius, et al.

US NJ-6: Terrier

US NY-10: Microscope
RedistrictingtheNation by

NY-Senate-20: Steam Shovel
Steam Shovel
Editorial Staff, Newsday

NY-House-16: Serpent of Syosset
Serpent of Syosset

NY-House-46: Flinching Grinch
Flinching Grinch

US OH-4: Constipated Dragon
Constipated Dragon
Quinn H.,

Your Artwork Here
Your Artwork Here
Artist's Name / Source

US OH-9: Watersnake
Quinn H.,

OH-House-95: Old Soft Shoe
Old Soft Shoe
Quinn H. (via Tim),

US PA-1: Crocodile Crossing
Crocodile Crossing
Mr. Dundee

US PA-6+7+16: Trifecta
C. Kuniholm, and

US PA-6: Dragons Mating
Dragons Mating
Espied by J.N. DiStefano, Phila. Inquirer

US PA-7: Spooning Pols
Spooning Pols, et al.

US PA-7: Goofy Kicking Donald
Goofy Kicking Donald
T. LaBan,

US PA-7: Dinosaur Impales Woman Voter
Dinosaur Impales Woman Voter
S. Brodner,

US PA-10: Drooping Gun
Drooping Gun
Commissioned by C. Brady,

US PA-12: Emaciated Hammerhead Shark
Emaciated Hammerhead Shark
B. Kauffman,

Your Artwork Here
Your Artwork Here
Artist's Name / Source

US PA-16: Flexing Its Muscles
Flexing Its Muscles
K. Tibbles, et al., NBC News

PA-House-197: Horse Built with LEGOs
Horse Built with LEGOs
J. Baer and S. Bykofsky, Phila. Daily News

US TN-3: Circus Act
Circus Act
Rebel With a Cause

US TX-2: Homage To Bart Simpson
Homage To Bart Simpson
H. Smith,

US TX-23: Bottle Opener
Bottle Opener
R. Draper,

US TX-27: Glock Pistol
Glock Pistol
R. Draper,

US TX-35: Easter Island Kitsch
Easter Island Kitsch
J. Vogas,

US VA-7: Triceratops
A. Cain (Muse), Richmond Times-Dispatch

US WI-2+5: Buttpartisan (Detail)
Buttpartisan (Detail)
P. Hands, Wisconsin State Journal

WI-Senate-21+22: Separate & Equal
Separate & Equal
(An apprentice of) S. Gordon,

Your Artwork Here
Your Artwork Here
Artist's Name / Source